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SpainGulfood Incorporates in this 2022 Grup HELADOS ALEMANY

SpainGulfood continues to expand its assortment of products, and this 2022 acquires a new strategic alliance with the great GRUPO CATALAN DE HELADOS ALEMANY, a company with more than 75 years of Artisan ice cream tradition.
Ice cream manufacturers since 1945. Four generations that follow the recipes of authentic traditional Italian-style ice cream.

They have managed to preserve the family recipe to make a creamy ice cream with an intense and delicate flavor that evokes the essence of the best ice cream in the world, without a doubt, the Italian ones.
It was 70 years ago, in Milan, where Joan Alemany learned the secrets to make authentic traditional Italian-style ice cream.

HELADOS ALEMANY is without a doubt the best success for SpainGulfood to offer a wide range of ice creams to the United Arab Emirates. (https://www.gelatsalemany.com)

In this way, SpainGulfood continues to grow with its ambitious expansion plan and expands its range of products for the Arab Countries, being able to offer a wider range of products such as Traditional and Artisan Ice Cream, both for the Horeca Channel and the Retail Channel, with all the intensity and creaminess that an ice cream can bring together.


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